Prof. Claudia Fleischmann

Quantum Solid State Physics (QSP)
Departement fo Physics and Astronomy – KU Leuven

Technical staff and team leader

Claudia Fleischmann (PhD 2011) is a part-time associate professor at the KU Leuven (Belgium); principal member of technical staff and team leader at imec. She specializes in the characterization of semiconductor materials and devices, with focus on Atom Probe Tomography. Her research is embedded in imec’s Materials and Components Analysis department and the Quantum Solid State Physics research group at KU Leuven, with the objective to unravel the fundamental mechanisms underlying analytical techniques and the exploitation of their application ranges. She is co-manager of the Atom Probe user facility in the KU Leuven NanoCentre and teaches a course on physical materials characterization for electronic devices in the master program of the faculty of science.

Prof. André Vantomme

Head of Quantum Solid State Physics (QSP)
Departement fo Physics and Astronomy – KU Leuven

André Vantomme (PhD 1991) is a full professor in physics at KU Leuven (Belgium) and currently head of the division of Quantum Solid-State Physics. His research focuses on the mutual interplay between structural and functional properties of hard condensed matter, when reducing size and dimension to the nm scale, ultimately to the atomic scale. Hereto, ion beam modification of materials and ion beam analysis (both in the Leuven Ion and Molecular Beam Laboratory and at the ISOLDE facility at CERN) are complemented by atom probe tomography. Current research foci include, among other topics, color centers in diamond, laser-material interaction, voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy, high-resolution metrology (IBA and APT)… AV is or has been a partner in several EU ion beam facility projects and has organized key international conferences.